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Leveraging our excellent services, we have successfully cultivated a premier brand name in the financial
services industry and become a “Go-To” Company for many clients.

Distinct international DNA

Since its inception, Togher Group has adhered to the international best practices in terms of business operation, corporate governance,
and talent and culture cultivation. Over the years, Togher Group has built a powerful international presence and is able to provide one-stop
global services for its clients.

High-quality and diverse client base

Togher Group has a high-quality and diverse client base. We develop and maintain long-term relationships with our clients and are
dedicated to providing them with a comprehensive suite of products and services. Togher Group has won its clients’ loyalty through its
deep engagement and its thorough knowledge and understanding of their businesses.

Leading research

Research is an important foundation of our business. Togher Group has adhered to the principles of objectivity, independence, prudence
and professionalism and provides a broad range of in-depth and timely research for institutional and individual investors, enterprises and
government entities.

Strong project execution capability

Togher Group has built a leading investment fund structure and led many complex, large and precedent-setting transactions. Our in-depth
knowledge of China and globally acclaimed professional capability have won us high recognition from clients and many have chosen to
make Togher Group their primary source and consultant.

Outstanding innovation capabilities

Togher Group corporate culture of openness and collaboration creates an environment for creative solutions. High-caliber professionals
and their vision and extensive experience have led to our firm grasp of the market pulses and offering of innovative products and services
to meet our clients’ needs.

Comprehensive and effective risk management

Togher Group constantly focuses on the risks that clients and we face, has adopted the international best practices, and has implemented
effective risk management and internal controls.

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Top-tier professional team

Togher Group has grown wealthier by gathering the best talents home and abroad, and has built a professional team with valuable working
experience. These are outstanding individuals of integrity, dedication and innovation.


Our Support is Always Available

Contact us if you have a general enquiry regarding our services. Our support and technical advice is always available from design stage through to post completion of fit out and renovation.  

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